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Did you know ?

Environmental questions represent a big concern for entreprises today. Many companies undertake ways to recycle paper, boxes, aluminium and glass.

Last year approximately two million ink cartridges were remanufactured, saving more than three million gallons of oil.

Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being deposited in landfills.

Half a gallon of oil is conserved for each laser cartridge that is returned for remanufacturing, industry sources say.

70 percent of used printer cartridges throughout the world are currently being thrown out.

It takes up to 5 litres of oil to produce the plastic material for a laser cartridge.

It takes 15 litres of water to produce 1kg of plastic.

Il takes about 100 millilitres of oil for the production of a single inkjet cartridge.

In North America alone, over 350 million cartridges per year are discarded in our landfills, This represents a 12% increase per year.