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Q: What is remanufacturing of printer cartridges?

A: It is the process of replacing used components by new ones. At Venitek, we are proud of the excellent quality and the printout of our laser and fax toner cartridges.
All our cartridges are dissassembled and cleaned, and any necessary replacements parts are added. High quality toner is added, and the cartridges are tested and packaged to our customers.


Q: Why should I use refurbished cartridges?

A: To actively participate in helping the environment and to reduce the dumping of plastic material in the landfills. While we can never completely stop the cycle of toner cartridges entering the waste stream, we can at least stem the flow. In reusing toner cartridges, we provide substantial savings to customers ranging from 40 to 60% of original brand names.


Q: Is the refurbished cartridge quality as good as the original brand ?

A: Absolutely, our refurbished cartridges will provide the same printing quality and often better than the original brand name.
In maintaining the quality testing and norms of our industry, we can garantee that our toner cartridges will perform as long , usually longer than a brand name cartridge.


Q: What is the life span of a toner cartridge?

A: While ensuring that the cartridge is stored in a dry not too humid room temperature place, most toner cartridges can last between 12-36 months.


Q: What if I order the wrong cartridge model ?

A: Simply call our customer service number and we will verify your order and re-ship the right cartridge model the same day.


Q: Is there a warranty for your products ?  

A: We guarantee 100% all our remanufactured cartridges against any defect or malfunction that may appear on a printed page. We will test the cartridge to determine the problem and issue an authorization to replace the item at the customer's convenience.


Q: What is your terms of payment?  

A: The items shipped must be paid on reception of our invoice. We accept cash, credit cards and company or personal checks. Opening of a Net 30 day account is available prior to credit authorization. For more information you can contact our customer service.