Tel. : 514-660-3026


At Venitek Systèmes, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and the quality of our products we offer our clients.
Venitek has commited itself to ethical management both at the administrative and environmental level.
Our service includes:

  • · a courteous welcome
  • · information on our monthly specials
  • · delivery service times
  • · explanation on our refurbishment procedures
  • · pick up of empty cartridges
  • · information about our replacement guarantee
  • · after sales service

Venitek Systèmes also adopts and continues to develop and promote the practice of the 3Rs method, that is to say, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

To learn more about our environmental friendly methods, check out our faq's section.


Our Maintenance Service

At Venitek Systèmes our qualified service technicians are certified from several
of the top printer manufacturers and are able to provide an excellent maintenance and repair service for most of the common laser and fax printers.

Our maintenance service includes : 

  • · Full starting and print verification
  • · Cleaning of contact points
  • · Cleaning of exit rollers
  • · Inspection of separation pads
  • · Cleaning of filters
  • · Inspection and cleaning of pick-up rollers
  • · Cleaning of transfer unit
  • · Cleaning of fusion unit
  • · Logistic and network testing
  • · Lubrification of printer

For most common printers and faxes, the maintenance service can be completed on site with regard to the customer's schedule. All replacement parts used correspond to the norms according to the OEM industry quality standards of approval.

Any order for replacement of defective parts must be approved by the client with an estimate of purchase costs.

All parts and labour are guaranteed 100% by Venitek Systèmes.